Grab 'n Go 3 Day Deluxe Emergency Kit (2 Person Backpack)

Grab 'n Go 3 Day Deluxe Emergency Kit (2 Person Backpack)
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Product Description

Nowadays with governments advising us that we should be self-reliant for at least the first 72 hours after a disaster, itís absolutely essential that we have emergency supplies at our disposal. Thatís why Ready America has developed a 3-Day Deluxe Emergency Kit for 2 people. It contains all the life saving supplies and more that two will need to survive for those crucial 72 hours.

Unique to the Deluxe 2-Person Emergency Kit are a few extra items Ė Water Purification Tablets, one 32 oz. BPA Free Water Bottle, Personal Hygeine Kit, Emergency Power Station, Multi-Function Pocket Tool with Pliers, and more.

The Emergency Power Station is a four-function hand-crank unit that features a flashlight, AM/FM radio, cell phone charger and personal alarm. One minute of cranking produces either 30 minutes of bright light, 2 minutes of talk time on a cell phone, or 15 minutes of radio. Click here for more detailed information. The Multi-Function Pocket Tool with Pliers includes screwdrivers, pliers, file, wire snip, bottle opener, and knife all in one.

Emergency Kit Contains: (2) Food Bars (2400 Calorie)***
(6) Water Pouches (4.225oz)***
(1) Water Purification Tablets (up to 25 qts)
(3) Bio-Hazard Bags (4) Gloves, Nitrile
(2) Niosh N-95 Approved Dust Masks
(1) First Aid Kit* (33-piece)
(1) Multi-Function Pocket Tool
(1) Duct Tape (10-yds)
(1) 3-IN-1 Whistle/Compass/Thermometer
(2) Emergency Ponchos
(2) Survival Blankets
(1) Waterproof Matches
(1) Emergency Powerstation 4-Function Flashlight/AM-FM
Radio/Siren/Cell Phone Charger
(2) Lightsticks (12-hr)***
(1) Water Bottle BPA Free (32-oz.)
(2) Hygiene Kits**
(1) Backpack