2 Person Emergency Kit Plus (3 Day Backpack)
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Product Description

Life saving supplies for 3 day.

This 2 Person 3 Day Emergency Kit Plus was designed by Ready America to offer additional items to those that want their emergency kit to go the extra mile. Along with the basic essentials for survival (5-year shelf life food & water), this kit includes items such as an LED hand-crank headlight, multi-fuction tool, a 5-1 whistle, and more.

Emergency Kit Contents:
(2) Food Bars (2,400 Calorie)**
(6) Water Pouches (4.225 oz)**
(1) First Aid-Kit (33-piece)*
(1) LED Crank Headlamp
(1) Backhand Multi-Function Pliers
(1) Water Purification Tablets (50/bottle)
(1) Water Bottle BPA Free (32-oz.)
(2) 12-Hour Lightsticks-Green
(1) Multi-Function Whistle
(2) Emergency Ponchos
(2) Survival Blankets
(2) Niosh N-95 Approved Dust Masks
(4) Gloves, Nitrile
(3) Bio-Hazard Bags
(1) Tissue Pocket Pack
(6) Premoistened Towelette
(1) Duct Tape (10-yds)
(1) Emergency Communication Plan/Contacts
(1) Medium Backpack