Utility Flame 3pk plus Stove

Utility Flame 3pk plus Stove
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Product Description

You get 3 packs of gel, plus a folding stove. A quick & simple fire source for everything from wild adventures to simple campfires. Utility Flame is a simple, dependable and cost effective heat source. It is a perfect companion for military troops, outdoor enthusiasts, disaster responders and for just starting a backyard barbeque. Safe, clean, and efficient. Burns HOT up to 1358°f/737°C. Burns at 10,000 ft + of Altitude. Burns at -23°F/ -30.5°C. Does not evaporate, freeze, or melt. Water-soluble (cleans up with water). Byproducts are…carbon dioxide, water, and sand. Smokeless & odorless. Non explosive. Boils water easily. Has a long shelf life. Tested and approved by the U.S. Military. No EPA restrictions (not a hazmat). Approved for transportation by airline or via mail. Quick, Simple, and Green.