Automatic Gas Shut-Off Valve (1")

Automatic Gas Shut-Off Valve (1")
Item# AGV-100a
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Product Description

For peace of mind whether you are at home or away, the Little Firefighter Automatic Earthquake Gas Shut-Off Valve automatically stops the flow of gas to your home in the event of an earthquake. Now, you do not need to be concerned about shutting off the utilities and instead concentrate solely on taking care of yourself and your family. The valve was designed by the industries leading experts. It meets all codes including the City of Los Angeles and Office of the California State Architect. It is endorsed by GLAA and PHCC. It requires no maintenance and can be easily reset. It is the only valve which comes with a GV-12 Meter Stabilizer approved by the City of Los Angeles. The Little Firefighter is simply the best valve available today at an affordable homeowner price. Contact us for information on installation by a plumbing professional in your area.