Back Strap 2' - 6'

Back Strap 2' - 6'
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Product Description

LAN (local area network) servers, peripherals, and monitors are often kept on special racks like the one shown. This equipment is often moved, reconfigured, as well as having new items added. Because of this constant change, using traditional fastening methods can become too time-consuming. The LAN QuakeGRIP fastening line was designed in a way that allows moving and swapping of equipment that is as simple as plugging an electrical cord into a wall socket. Once the system has been installed, there is no messing with adhesives. A nylon strap (LAN-Back Strap) is anchored horizontally to the vertical sides of each shelf. This keeps the items from moving out through the back of the shelf during an earthquake. Each piece of equipment is secured at its sides with (LAN-Universal Strap) industrial VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners. The equipment strap, which is adjustable in length, is wrapped around the horizontal strap (LAN-Back Strap) and adjusted with the buckle.

Each Kit Contains:
1 (76") strap
1 (9") strap with steel buckle
4 mounting screws
2 washers