Cart-to-Wall Strap

Cart-to-Wall Strap
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Product Description

There are many items in the office and home that need to be attached to a wall and are also required to be removed from time to time. The Cart-to-Wall Strap was designed for this purpose. One end secures to a leg or post with a D-ring cinch strap. The other end is secured to a wall stud. Between the two is a quick-disconnect buckle. The strap can be adjusted from 10" to 24" inches of slack. Use on TV carts, audio/visual carts, medical carts, bakers' racks, tubularly framed items, or any item on wheels.

Each Kit Contains:
1 (14") strap with 2 D-rings
1 (10") strap with quick-release buckle
1 wood stud screw
1 flat washer