FileSTRAP - Extra Long

FileSTRAP - Extra Long
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Product Description

File cabinets have long topped the list of office items that need to be fastened to prevent injury and damage during an earthquake. This was illustrated during the June 29, 1991, 6.0 Sierra Madre Earthquake. The Los Angeles Times reported that a Glendale, California, bank employee was injured by a falling file cabinet in what Dr. Lucy Jones of the U.S. Geological Survey referred to as "...a real puny earthquake." Many solutions in securing file cabinets have been attempted over the years. Earthquakes are not the only cause of file cabinets tipping over. It is human nature to fill the top two drawers to capacity and place smaller volumes of files in the lower two drawers. This makes the typical file cabinet top-heavy and can often cause their tipping by just opening the top drawers at the same time. One drawer shaking open during even a mild earthquake can cause the cabinet to tip over. The idea behind our FileSTRAP is a simple one. It uses 12 square inches of industrial VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners. This gives each FileSTRAP a rated shear holding power of 264 pounds. This is obviously less than the weight of many file cabinets, but the idea is to keep the file cabinet from tipping over. Two FileSTRAPs are recommended for lateral file cabinets and items that are wider than a vertical file cabinet.

Each Kit Contains:
1 (12" x 2") strap with VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners (Extra Long kit is 24" x 2")
1 wood stud screw
1 washer
2 surface prep pads