Out-of-Sight Furniture Strap

Out-of-Sight Furniture Strap
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Product Description

Low-profile furniture has been a problem to secure because the fastening straps are visible. The Out-of-Sight Furniture Strap secures furniture such as dressers, bookcases, entertainment centers, TV cabinets, console TVs (wood), tables, credenzas, file cabinets (wood), speakers (large wood), and dresser mirrors. This unique fastener has quick-disconnect buckles for easy movement of the furniture. The straps are adjustable allowing the furniture to be as close as 3/4" to the wall or as far away as 15."

Each Kit Contains:
2 (16") straps
2 buckles
2 footman loops
4 furniture screws
2 wood stud screws
2 flat washers