Partition WallGRIP

Partition WallGRIP
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Product Description

Partitioned offices often have file cabinets and storage cabinets both inside and outside the partition walls. Ideally, these cabinets would be bolted to the floor; however, floor mounting is often impractical and expensive. Partition WallGRIP is the next best solution to floor mounting. The Partition Wall Slide Bracket is made of 12 gauge stainless steel. It straddles the partition. Cabinets can be secured to it from both sides. The Partition Wall FileSTRAP is the same as the FileSTRAP mentioned above on this page except it has a steel ring to hold it on the Slide Bracket.

Each Kit Contains:
(2702 & 2703)
1 (12" x 2") strap and steel ring
2 surface prep pads